50 to 60% Revenue Sharing Program

Our partners receive 50% of all new sales and 50% of all recurring sales for the life of every member that they send! This is a TRUE 50% - no processing fees, no reserves, no shaving. Our system tracks every surfer you send for (10) full days and gives you credit for ANY purchases that they make on any of our sites.

Bonus (50 to 60% Revenue Sharing Program)

We've simplified our bonus structure: Generate more than 25 new sales in any month, and your payout will automatically be raised to 60% for that month. Again, this is a true 60%, no processing fees, no reserves, no shaving. This is only for the 50 to 60% Revenue Sharing Program.

KOD 20% Lifetime Revenue Share Program

This program includes any traffic sent to, or any traffic coming through the “Buy Shoots” buttons located on default tours (We have simplified tours available for affiliates wishing to not participate in the program.) Affiliates will receive 20 percent of the revenue generated by these customers on our and sites. Once a user purchases, the affiliate will be paid for lifetime of the users purchasing activity until he reaches an inactive state. The user is deemed inactive after 6 months of inactivity.

Webmaster Referrals

Send us your Webmaster Traffic and we will pay you a 10% commission on all earnings of the webmasters that you refer -- for life of that member. Technically, this program works the same way as our regular revenue sharing program: webmasters click on your links, and our system tracks them for up to 10 days. If they sign up on Kinky Dollars within the 10 days, you get 10% commission on all sales that they generate... for life of that member.


Payouts are made within the first 10 days of each month, as long as the $50 minimum payout is reached. (Wire transfers have a $1,000 minimum.) Payouts less than the minimum will be rolled over to the next month. You can view your stats in real time, at any time by logging into and clicking "STATS"


Many issues are resolved by reading our FAQ. For other questions or issues, email: